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Few wineries in New Zealand can claim such a proud winemaking history as Soljans Estate Winery.

Bartul Soljan planted the first Soljan vineyard in New Zealand in 1932 leaving a legacy that has been carried on by his son Frank and then grandson and current owner, Tony Soljan. Today, Soljans represents three generations of winemaking with over 70 years experience.

In 2002 Tony put his own stamp on the family winemaking heritage by realising a lifelong dream to build his own winery. The state of the art winery complex located in Kumeu, West Auckland is the realisation of that dream.

Situated at the gateway to Kumeu Classic Wine Country, the new winery offers a complete winery experience. The vineyard surrounding the winery is planted with Pinotage, Merlot and Pinot Gris but like most Auckland wineries, Soljans winery draws the majority of its grapes from New Zealand’s major wine growing regions.

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