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Shaky Bridge Wines are made in the Alexandra sub-region of New Zealand’s stunning Central Otago wine region. Alexandra sits below the southern 45th parallel, and further to the south of Central’s other sub-regions, making ‘Alex’ the most southerly wine growing region on the planet!

Growing grapes this far south on the globe is cool climate grape growing at the extremes. Careful selection of grape varieties and clones that thrive in the natural conditions of the basin, are essential to producing our intensely flavored, premium quality wines. Our focus on quality fruit is at the heart of all our viticultural and vinification decisions, ensuring that we create expressive, balanced and deliciously memorable wines; wines that we know will move you to a better wine experience.

The Shaky Bridge is an iconic Alexandra landmark hailing from the gold mining days of the early pioneers of our region. The stylised bridge seen on our labels is a fitting icon for our wines, paying tribute to the pioneering spirit of the Grant’s : two true visionaries of grape growing and winemaking in this unique part of the world.

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