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Poderi Crisci Vineyard and Winery, set in a stunning amphitheatre surrounded by vines and olive trees, has fast become the quintessence of what in Italy is called: Agroturismo.

Located 30 minutes from Matiatia in Awaawaroa Bay, Poderi Crisci occupies 7.7 hectares of north-facing slopes in the heart of Waiheke’s unique wine growing microclimate. The narrow rocky strip underlying Poderi Crisci is believed to be 30 million years older than the rest of the Island, boasting soil criss-crossed with mineralised veins.

Michael Ross, Vineyard Manager.

Mike shares Antonio’s passion of food, wine and for Poderi Crisci. He has been in the hospitality industry for many years and spent 12 years with Viv and Antonio at Toto and Non Solo Pizza prior to moving to the Island in 2007.

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