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When Mik Martin planted the vines at Karaka Point Vineyard he thought of his Australian homeland, long, hot dry summers and flavoursome Shiraz to warm the soul.

Mik picked his region well, as Auckland is one of the few regions in New Zealand that will consistently ripen good Shiraz. Mik and wife Anne’s travels through Europe only encouraged their love for Bordeaux style reds; their dream came true with their first Cabernet Merlot Bordeaux Blend 1998. However the Syrah proved to be the champion of the reds with an award winning 2002. The Syrah block continues to produce amazing vintages and is always well worth the wait.

Karaka Point Vineyard’s style and character of region is evident in all of our wines from the first vintage in 1997 through to the NV Syrah / Cabernet Sauvignon / Merlot Blend released in 1998 and the outstanding examples of Syrah. Not to be forgotten is the jewel in the crown of this gorgeous estate-the Chardonnay. Consistently superior since the first vintage in 1997 this un-oaked style has gained an enthusiastic fan club.

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