desert, heart, central, otago, vineyard

After a visit to Central Otago in the South Island of New Zealand the opportunity presented itself to purchase a piece of the Mt Difficulty High Country Sheep Station that was to be subdivided. In 1999 we bought the land, in 2003 we agreed “what are we waiting for?” and so we left the city, Jane from her role as partner in her rehabilitation business and Denny as a Business Development and Marketing Executive, for our piece of land in the heart of the South Island, to Bannockburn in Central Otago, fulfilling the dream of two very passionate people.

Jane from as far back as a high school geography trip had fallen in love with Central Otago – its smell, its clarity of light, its magnificent landscape, the big skies; a deep blue that seem to go on forever, and knew that one day she would live here. Denny whose passion for a challenge and a love of the mysteries of wine was energised by this land of extraordinary contrasts and grandeur and knowing the area was on the edge for the growing of grapes and wine making, the allure was too great and the love affair began.

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