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The story of Craggy Range began with the desire to create a legacy. What happened next surpassed even the expectations of the family who started it.

When Terry Peabody arrived home from a four-week business trip in the fall of 1993 his wife Mary, and daughter Mary-Jeanne, cooked him dinner. The meal was long and leisurely, but not without purpose. Terry wasn’t allowed to leave until he had agreed to go into the wine business. The specification was that the business must never be sold. It was to be a family business, an enduring heritage legacy.

That night, Terry made a commitment to the most important people in his life, and he intended to honor it. The search for a winery began traditionally enough – in France and America, spreading then to Australia. Other business brought him to the edge of the world, to New Zealand: a land of mountains, fire and ice – geographically the youngest country in the world – situated in the sweet latitudes for wine growing.

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