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Ake Ake Vineyard is owned and run by John Clarke and Aynsley Quenault. We grow and make wine from grapes which are best suited to our vineyards terroir including our highly regarded award winning Chambourcin, Pinot Gris, Syrah, Chardonnay and Sauviginon Blanc. We also source other grapes from small, quality, Far North Vineyards. All our wines are made and bottled here at Ake Ake Vineyard.

We have completed ten vintages and are now in our final year of full conversion to organic grape growing through Organic Farm NZ. From September 2015 our wine will be Certified Organic. Growing grapes using organic principals will be better for our customers who visit the Vineyard and Restaurant, us who live here and ultimately we should have healthier vines and better wines.

In the vineyard we spend a lot of time opening up the canopy by extensive leaf removal around the bunches and shoot positioning, this lets the sun and breeze in, which keeps the bunches and canopy dry to prevent mildews and rot and helps the grapes ripen.

In the winery we are very traditional, we use minimal intervention. Most of our wines are unfinned and are suitable for vegans, and all our wines are suitable for vegetarians.

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